Editorial/Product Development Support
Targeted Adoption Lists

Sample – Biomaterials    Request a Reviewer List

Function: Targets professors for the reviewing process based on past text usage.
Pricing: $275 for 10 school list, $395 for 20 school list, up to $2500 for full market list ($0-$75 per report with a TWM Annual Support License)
Same-day turnaround allows editorial assistants to work more efficiently to contact potential reviewers
Makes the connection between development and marketing at an early stage in the project by targeting professors at key competitive adoptions
Three to five year adoption history at each school enables editors to track course text changes over time.
10 and 20 school lists are built based on the editor's optimal reviewer profile as it relates to text in use, type of school, course size, number of professors teaching the course, etc.

1-Year Static Brief Market Research Reports
Sample 1 – Environmental Engineering    Sample 2 – Air Pollution Control
Sample 3 – Linear Algebra    Request a Brief Report

Function: Provides a market size estimate and current year sales figures for top three competitors.
Pricing: $175 per report ($75 with a TWM Annual Support License)
Fast, cost-effective means for getting basic market data
Critical in advanced and emerging markets for publishing feasibility studies
Reports can be provided for entire disciplines to support strategic list planning
Reduces errors in market size estimates that result in unprofitable projects

Can be used to obtain publisher market share for entire disciplines

3- and 5-Year Dynamic Market Research Reports
Sample 1 – 3-Year Digital Design– 2009-2011
Sample 2 – 5-Year Calculus Based Physics – 2005-2010
Request a Dynamic Report

Function: Provides 3-year or 5-year, semester-by-semester market share breakdown by competitor for all competing titles. 3-Year Report includes market share charts and graphs and a brief Executive Summary. 5-Year Report includes Executive Summary, Part A: Publisher Market Share and Part B: University Adoption Analysis showing school by school adoption changes over the 5-year period.
Pricing: 3-Year: $1500-$5000 per report depending on market size/complexity ($295-1500 per report with TWM Annual Support License). 5-Year: $5000-$10,000 per report depending on market size/complexity ($3750-$7500 per report with TWM Annual Support License)
Provides realistic, up-to-date market data to support publishing decisions
Accurately represents recent market shifts, trends, and effects of new competition in a unique, dynamic report
Allows the editor to determine which competitors to target early in the development process

Editorial Worktrip Grids
Sample - University of Texas-Austin, Electrical Engineering Department    Request a Worktrip Grid

Function: Provides an overview of the department, providing adoption history by professor for 2-3 years.
Pricing: $50-125 per school (included with TWM Annual Support License)
Allows editors to set up more productive campus visits in advance by targeting professors teaching from specific texts.
Eliminates the need to spend an hour+ in the bookstore to assess the local market
Editors present themselves as better prepared in meetings with professors—particularly important at high profile schools.
Enables new editors to have more productive field trips.

Consulting for List Planning
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Function: Allows clients to tap into TWM's market expertise during list planning/development meetings
Pricing: $195/hr (included with TWM Annual Support License)
While many editors are aware of best seller success stories, we have in-depth knowledge of product failures, ensuring that our clients do not repeat past mistakes.
Allows planning meetings to cover more ground by providing real-time feedback on market size, trends and market conditions.