Company History
As a computer science editor in the early 1990s, I was frustrated when I visited with professors who had not received an examination copy for the course they were teaching. Despite having a large field-based sales staff, a faculty survey found that we were not getting the right book to the right professor as much as 50% of the time. In addition, 50% of the free samples our representatives sent to faculty were not appropriate for the courses they taught. For the one of the largest publishers in the industry, this was a tremendous waste.

Tom McElwee
President and Founder

Several factors contributed to this inefficiency, including curriculum diversity, technical language barriers, and sales rep turnover. Following an internal memo I wrote to address this problem, I was given the opportunity to develop and implement a new technical marketing strategy. This new strategy would rely on the adopted course text as the exclusive indicator of course content, rather than course name or course description.

After several years of developing and managing this database driven marketing program, it was clear that internal supporting databases had minor but significant design flaws that limited market research capability. Only rebuilding a new market research database from the ground up could rectify these design flaws. In 1994 I founded TWM Research to take on this task and provide the industry with sales, marketing and editorial support solutions based on an intelligent market database.

Since then TWM has been buidling complete curriculum databases every semester to track curriculum change. In 1996 we expanded from Engineering/Computer Science to Math, Physics and Statistics. In 2003 we began including MIS, CIS, CIT and Decision Sciences in our coverage. And most recently we added Chemistry to our list of disciplines. TWM has consulted for more than 30 textbook publishers and also a number of large educational software companies over the years and continues to provide market intelligence and marketing efficiencies for its clients.