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Targeted Adoption Lists

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Function: Provides course adoption detail on market competitors. Each record provides course number, semester and year taught, author/title/publisher of adopted text, and in most cases, course enrollment and instructor.
Pricing: $275 for 10 school list, $395 for 20 school list, up to $2500 for full market list depending on market size/complexity ($0-$75 per report with TWM Annual Support License)
Enables marketing managers to identify key potential adoptions based on course size and favorable competitive match-ups
Provides a 3-year adoption history (texts used, instructors) on a school by school basis
Enhances in-house sales efficiency, allowing for shorter, more targeted calls

Mailing lists

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Function: TWM is the only resource that offers market expertise in addition to market data. We understand technical and advanced markets. We work closely with our clients to build customized mailing lists that focus on list quality rather than list size.
Pricing: $395-$2,500 per list depending on list size and complexity ($125 per list with TWM Annual Support License)
No usage limits
More accurate and up-to-date than lists from traditional list brokers
TWM's market expertise guarantees list quality
Smaller, more targeted. Can be used to direct sample examination copies
Upper/lower case format enables clients to do their own customized mail merge letters

Full Service Targeted Letters

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Function: Reaches professors using competing books with personalized, customized letters.
Pricing: $500-$1,975 (plus postage/handling) depending on market size/complexity (Max $595 plus postage/handling with TWM Annual Support License)
Provides a cost effective alternative to traditional brochure mailings
Fast, full service--TWM develops the mailing list, writes the letter, customizes, prints and sends via first class mail within a few days
Based on tracking from multiple clients, average response rate is 10%
Can be customized to reference the professor's course number in the letter and include the name and contact information for their local sales representative

New Text Publications Reports (formerly called the New Text Listings)    User Quotes

Function: Provides department secretaries and chairs with a pre-qualified list of new titles for their curriculum at the beginning of each semester – available as hard-copy report and in an on-line, searchable database.
Pricing: $150 per title - $1,100 for 8-10 titles - $1,500 for 11-20 titles - $2,000 for 21-40 titles - $2500 for 41-60 titles - $2950 for 60-99 titles, over 100 titles for $3,450 (50%-100% discount with a TWM Annual Support License)
1) Provides department secretaries and faculty with new title information early in the semester
2) Public domain web site allows faculty to browse new product by their curriculum course numbers