When I launched this company I decided that if it were to succeed, we would give back 10% of net profits annually to charity. Our first donation after 6 months in business was for $3,000 to Integrity House in Newark, New Jersey. Integrity is now the lead agency for the United Way’s Bridge to Recovery, a consortium effort of over 200 agencies dedicated to help those with addiction problems.

Since 1994 TWM has donated more than $250,000 to various charities, primarily dealing with poverty and disease with a focus on children, most recently including:

Habitat for Humanity –
Save the Children –
Fellowship House, Camden NJ –
The national Alzheimer's Association –
St Jude Children’s Research Hospital –

Please let us know if there is a charity that is of personal importance to you or your family - contact and we will consider it for our next round of annual donations.