Typical Publishing Inefficiencies
How much of your budget is wasted . . .

When 50% of your mailing list is inaccurate or out of date?
Immediate: half of your printing, postage and handling costs.
Hidden: free exam copies ($15 per) plus addition of unqualified respondents to internal mailing lists
Solution: TWM Mailing Lists. Built on market expertise.

When sales reps over sample and sample inaccurately?
Immediate: $15 per exam copy or $1500 for every 100 misplaced samples.
Hidden: Lost sales from misplaced exam copies entering used book market.
Solutions: TWM Target Grids, TWM Sampling Analysis, TWM Direct Sampling

When a new editor overestimates market size or market volatility resulting in a failed product launch?
Immediate: Production, printing, marketing costs (Avg $25,000 for upper level text)
Hidden: Diluted resources for more viable projects
Solutions: TWM Brief and 3-Year Market Research Reports, TWM List Planning & Consulting