Sales Support/Territory Management
TWM Target Grid (for field reps)

Sample Provided on Request

Function: Customized for each school, this report matches the field rep's product line directly to their competitor's adoptions by course number and professor for the upcoming semester.
Pricing: $75-150 per school (included with TWM Annual Support License)
Facilitates accurate, thorough and efficient sampling of examination copies
Greatly reduces wasted comps
Enables reps with little or no experience to effectively cover technical markets
Greatly increases face-time with pre-qualified prospects

Targeted Adoption Lists

Sample Page 1 – Python Programming
Sample Page 2 – Controls
Sample Page 3 – Differential Equations

Function: Identifies and provides adoption report for market competitors. Each record provides course number, semester and year taught, author/title/publisher of adopted text, and in most cases, course enrollment and instructor.
Pricing: $250 for 10 school list, $375 for 20 school list, up to $2500 for full market list depending on market size/complexity($75 per report with TWM Annual Support License)
Provides a 3-year adoption history (texts used, instructors) on a school by school basis
Enhances in-house sales efficiency, allowing for shorter, more targeted calls to increase call volume

Sales Efficiency Training

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Function: Provides practical tips and techniques for selling efficiently in technical and advanced markets
Pricing: project specific
Can be tailored for field-based and inside sales reps
Focus on practical techniques to control the sales call
Shorter, more targeted sales calls increase call volume

Title Sampling Analysis

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Function: Provides a measure of sampling coverage as well as accuracy.
Pricing: project specific
Identifies gaps in sampling coverage
Provides a mailing list and details on professors that did not receive an examination copy
Provides a measure of potentially wasted samples

Direct Sampling

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Function: Provides a reliable, cost effective means of sampling upper level titles to faculty teaching from competing textbooks within past 2-3 years.
Pricing: project specific
Removes time consuming task from field representatives
Can be provided for specific titles or specific territories
TWMs market expertise guarantees no wasted samples