TWM has consistently provided an accurate and complete window into the academic market by delivering highly effective editorial and marketing services not available anywhere else. TWM’s accuracy and quick turnaround allows us to quickly pinpoint and execute on academic initiatives.

Ray Almgren
Vice President of Product Marketing and Academic Relations
National Instruments

TWM Research's knowledge and accuracy in pin-pointing professors for the niche, upper-level engineering texts I market is unparalleled. There is no question that the work I do with TWM makes my job easier, it is an invaluable resource.

Brian Roach
Marketing Manager, John Wiley & Sons

TWM market research data is an excellent tool for risk management. With today’s investment in any project requiring expenditures of $30K and usually substantially more, I need to have accurate market size information and competitor’s market share in order to make smart investment decisions.

TWM Research gives me a powerful tool to help manage risk for both new and revised products. The information is accurate, the market share data is unique and the ability to chart year-by-year trends is invaluable in making good signing decisions. TWM Research allows me to do a better job as an editor, and make better decisions.

Bill Stenquist,
Senior Sponsoring Editor, McGraw-Hill

I've used TWM for years, allowing me to do my job better. TWM gives me accurate information that I can't find anywhere else, effectively helping me position and target my lists.

Kerry Cahill
Marketing Manager
Cambridge University Press

“TWM is our go-to source when we need to know what’s happening today in engineering and math courses at major universities. We get great ROI from TWM’s reports that tell us who’s teaching what, when, where, how and to whom. The accuracy and the details mean we can take action instead of just studying an issue. The fact that their data is refreshed every semester is the key.”

Pete Janzow
Education Strategy
The MathWorks

I have been using TWM's services for over ten years--and it's the consistency of the data that's irreplaceable for me.  I could never have accurately tracked and compared market share through multiple editions of our most successful texts without the consistent, reliable and accurate data that TWM provides. 

--An essential tool in our information infrastructure for every textbook we publish or consider publishing.

Denise E.M. Penrose
Publisher, Morgan Kaufman Publishers, an imprint of Elsevier

TWM's market expertise, accurate market data, and targeted technical mailing lists are unmatched. TWM's unique approach is valuable in targeting markets and maximizing our promotion and sales efforts.

Michelle Pullano
Textbook Manager, The MIT Press

The TWM license is one of the most valuable business investments we make at Cengage Learning…

Chris Carson
General Manager
Cengage Learning, Engineering

Two of my clients . . .have had very good results using TWM Research's mailing lists.  TWM's targeted lists have produced increases in market share and revenue while decreasing promotional costs.  These are definitely the best lists available for Engineering and Computer Science.

Sales reps shouldn't go into Engineering departments without the TWM School Grids.  The sales force has a quick, easy reference to each department, the book-in-use, and which of their titles fits the course eliminating research and making sales time much more productive. This tool has resulted in significant sales increases in many of the large engineering programs.

Phyllis Cerys
Cerys Consulting Consortium

Our partnership with TWM has had a significant positive impact on our text book adoption program.

Lori Sprague
The American Mathematical Society

We're choosy about the mailing lists we buy because we want value for every dollar. We buy lists from TWM because we trust that the course and instructor data has been very carefully verified--and we can reach instructors in a pinpointed manner.

Amy Jollymore
Computer Science Editor
Course Technology